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ONCOLOR™ PPROTINT™ transparent PP coloring agent

OnColor™ PProTint™ the color parent material provides outstandingly for the transparent polypropylene application passes the brilliant color. Compares with the competitive product, these non-dye coloring agent has the better light stability usually, and will not seep out, the decolorization or the migration.


 Luminescent spot




 US collects high may compound nearly any color OnColor PProTint, in addition also some 18 kind of standard shadows, including:

  •  Lemon yellow
  •  The clover is green
  •  Warm color
  •  Red and yellow garden raspberry color
  •  Licorice color
  •  Sea aniline blue
  •  Blue color
  •  Wheat root sarsaparilla color
  •  Red-orange

 OnColor the PProTint coloring agent becomes the ball the non-dust color parent material form to provide, in compounds with the polypropylene compatable carrier system, the transparency which will after like this reduce heats up many times, creates to decrease the effect.

  •  Assumes thoroughly the brilliant color in the clear polypropylene
  •  With excretes the resin to be compatable
  •  Easy to process in the thermoplastic application; Commonly used in injection molding
  •  Has the FDA version available

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