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ONCOLOR™ biological coloring agent

Must search the reduction environmental effect and enhance sustainable the new method? OnColor™ the BIO color parent material becomes with the special-purpose mix design, to biological plastics as well as these material's and so on PLA, PHA, PBHV, PBS, PBAT special combination function is good. Most importantly, these coloring agents will not affect its enhancement the resin organic recoverability.


 Luminescent spot




 OnColor the BIO color parent material's coloring agent formula passes through fine selects elects, to conform to the profession and with the legal requirement thin, simultaneously has each kind of color to be possible to supply the selection. May provide has custom-made the antidazzling device according to the requirement.


 The supervision gathers the gauge




 These color parent material becomes with the sustainable raw material manufacture, conforms to certain global industry and the compost standard, including:

  •  EN 13432 (European Union standard)
  •  ASTM D6400 (American standard)
  •  BPS GREENPLA (Japanese standard)
  •  DIN CERTCO (German standard)

 OnColor BIO and the biological base polymerization phase union, after may reduce, system regulation test risk and cost. Thus, adds the industry and commerce to be possible to apply fully the emerging market superiority in home use may degrade the sack and the packing.


 OnColor the BIO color parent material had already obtained the leading independent test company Vincotte compost HOME certification. Uses in the biology these color parent material being possible to degrade in the packing, may avoid testing the product to be possible the compost massive costs and the time.


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