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ONFLEX™ thermosplastic elastomer

OnFlex™ the thermosplastic elastomer includes the broad basis chemical, may cause your product performance in the market in other similar products blooming. OnFlex TPE is designed uses in satisfying in the house and the architecture, the transportation and the industrial market uses finally the conditions the requirement. This thermosplastic elastomer series use many kinds of technologies created had the depth specialization special characteristic formula.


 Luminescent spot



  •  Thermostable and chemical etching
  •  Automobile profession authorization rank
  •  Good compression set
  •  Adherency in a series of engineering plastics
  •  Being flame-resistant rank
  •  May carry on squeezes out, the injection and the blow molding
  •  Glass fiber strengthening product
  •  Weathering resistance
 Product range Description Identity Identity
 OnFlex BIO series Based on biological renewable polymer durable and wear-resisting rank Outstanding surface smooth finish Wear-resisting
 OnFlex S EF series General, high current capacity Good mechanical strength Outstanding workability
 OnFlex S EH series General, UV is stable Each kind of temperature operating margin Good dyeability
 OnFlex S HF series The being flame-resistant rank, does not have the halogen Outstanding UV stability Is compatible with UL 94 V-O
 OnFlex S KE series ABS, PC, Asian gram force and copolymer formation Has the outstanding adhesion to each polar substrate Good compression set
 OnFlex S KA series Uses in high temperature the nylon formation rank Good machinability Good mechanical property
 OnFlex S KG series General nylon formation rank Good dyeability Good cost/performance ratio
 OnFlex HT series The low compression set, the low stress relaxation, EN681-2 are compatible Outstanding mechanical property Has the good compression set under the high temperature
 OnFlex S FR series The being flame-resistant rank, has the good performance under the high temperature Good mechanical property Has the good compression set under the high temperature
 OnFlex U automobile series The ground fog chemical property, does not have the gloss, wear-resisting, may dress Good bears the abrasion Good chemistry tolerance
 OnFlex U 5300 series Outstanding bears the abrasion, the resistance to wear and chemistry tolerance Good machinability Good bears the abrasion
 OnFlex LO series Easy to process TPE, uses in the automobile playing the part, compares with the traditional material, the smell low, the sprayability is low. Low smell to odorlessness The ground fog chemical property to does not have the sprayability
 OnFlex AF series One kind easy to process TPE, simultaneously has the fine sealing property and the facing Good compression set High quality esthetic sense

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