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PERCEPT™ brand preservation technology

Product/brand impersonating is a day by day serious global question, it to the consumer, the trade activity and the entire economy has the negative influence, the cost allowance is several 100,000,000,000 US dollars/years approximately. In addition, it created the tens of thousands of operating post to lose, exposed the consumer and the worker under the health and the security risk, and is proven and the organized criminal has the relation, and has created the huge tax revenue reduction. The integrated polymer's solution attacks the fake and shoddy one kind of valid strategy. Regarding pays great attention the durable application or needs after the sale confirms the product authentic application, for example the maintenance claim or aims at the product use the lawsuit, this method is suitable. This kind of inserting recessiveness and the dominant technology may implant the unique marking information in the manufacture product polymer. Only if therefore through mechanical mode change product itself, otherwise is then unable to remove or the distortion marking information.


 Luminescent spot




 Percept™ is one kind of new technical series, it can cause the product or the brand owner is clear in theirs product and the market fake product differentiates. Selects from public or the hiding solution, has many kinds of high polymers to be possible to elect.

  •  Adds the income: Prevents because impersonates the sales loss and the market share loss which or the pessimistic product causes.
  •  Reduction of cost: Eliminates with yours product related maintenance, the product support and the responsibility cost.
  •  Safeguarding brand property: Prevents because to your product's error scolded causes the consumer sues or the legal sanction.
  •  Consumer protection welfare: Reduces to consumer's latent injury, reduces recalls the expense and safeguards the brand good faith.
  •  Safeguarding supply chain integrity: The safety expands to the new zone and the country.

 Solution including aspect and so on technical selection, dosage, craft, product as well as specification development assistance. These services may help to need to be clear about product marking the product reduction going on the market time and hold the quality standards.


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