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PET uses COLORMATRIX™ AMOSORB™ SOLO2 the CO2 barrier and the oxygen scavenging agent

ColorMatrix™ Amosorb™ SolO2 has both the driving clearance and the passive barrier technology, may for massive foods and the drink, provides the extremely good safeguarding effect including the carbonic acid drink. This plan in requires the marine storage and in the vessel lightweight product is more valid.


 Luminescent spot



  •  The sole product solution may with any kind of PET base resin coordination use
  •  Is suitable in the monolayer, the multilayer vessel as well as the hot forming board application
  •  May unify many kinds of pigments to meet the client different need

 ColorMatrix Amosorb SolO2Conforms to European Union and American food and the drugs administrative bureauFood contact process. If needs to be possible to provide the integrated supervision requirement.

 Product range Description Attribute
 ColorMatrix™ Amosorb SolO2 Belt oxygen/carbon dioxide hindrance level oxygen scavenging agent Regarding the non-carbonate, guarantees the nature time to reach for 18 months

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