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PET uses COLORMATRIX™ JOULE™ the infrared absorbent

Sustainable is still the packing profession most matter of concern, does not add the complexity and the cost simultaneously has the conditions friendly solution, will be numerous brand business, the Canadian industry and commerce and the revertex supplier's electing of favor. ColorMatrix™ Joule™ technology achieve object. In the vessel blows in advance the system process, this kind of innovation infrared absorption chemical additive after the reactor phase joins in PET, may enhance the product the ecological protection effect. In addition, but may also promote the outward appearance esthetic sense, reduces the energy consumption in the following multiple heating working procedure. Two foundation formulas may elect, may while does not harm sustainable, improves your PET product performance.


 Luminescent spot

  •  Advanced infrared absorption ability
  •  Inherent models the body function
  •  Enhances the mix resin the regeneration use
  •  Through recycles holds the visual clarity many times
 Product range Description Attribute Attribute
 ColorMatrix™ Joule RHB Enhances the infrared absorption rate the inorganic dispersing agent Outstanding transparency Inherent models the body function and the integrated recoverability
 ColorMatrix™ Joule RBK Enhances the infrared absorption rate the carbon black dispersing agent Good transparency Stable performance

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