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May use in single-layer and the sandwich construction wide range rigid material, PreservaPak™ the rigid package solution may help the client to satisfy the present food profession the packing requirement. PreservaPak™ may provide has the impediment and the non-impediment form, satisfies your product specific processing process and guarantees the nature time requirement. In view of the different food process condition, from strictest antiseptic, reacted that the pot and the gas adjustment process to the heat, cold or the ambient temperature pad, has the different plan to be possible to elect. Regardless of you need are pack food, the milk product, fresh food, lengthen guarantee the nature time the product, we can help you to develop have custom-made the solution to satisfy your accurate requirement. Our profession leading innovation core has the materials science and the design specialty, may help you to develop the perfect packing. The new material will take a sample on the device the imitation integrated production conditions, will help you to design, the processing flow process, thus quicker going on the market.


 Luminescent spot

  •  Holds the product fresh may lengthen the product to guarantee the nature time
  •  Has custom-made the sandwich construction may provide the low, middle and high impediment performance
  •  In the system bag, the filling and the seal application's outstanding performance has the reliable tracing record
  •  The design uses in the broad food application, including guarantees storing stable, the refrigeration and the frozen food
  •  Is to gathers the packing from the sole packing and so on many kinds of packing forms the ideal selection
  •  Provide by the reel material or the pre-formation vessel form
 Product range Description Type
 PreservaPak™ Does not have the barrier - formation components and the reel material Has custom-made the shape, the color and the performance chemical additive, suits in the rack differentiation, the featherweight structure, the high transparency and the material application.
 PreservaPak™ Ultra Barrier - formation components and reel material Has custom-made the structure, has the high performance, the extension guarantees the nature time, uses the tradition and the be ultra-thin impediment technology, the color and the chemical additive.
 PreservaPak™ SSP Barrier - formation components and reel material Uses in having custom-made the material the disposable impediment vessel, the enhancement performance

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