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REFLEX™ biological base elasticizer

Whether you in the pursue productive forces, the sustainable benefit or don't contain the phthalic acid salt solution? In order to meet your need, US collected high already researched and developed and has commercialized one elasticizer, mainly take the soybean oil and so on fast renewable raw material as the foundation. US collects the high reFlex™ biological elasticizer to provide one non-toxic living thing base elasticizer substitute for you, the unique superiority can help you to improve the income and the profit.


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 reFlex biology elasticizer main feature and profit:

  •  Including the phthalic acid salt's biological base substitution product, cannot substitute the common phthalic acid salt elasticizer
  •  Conforms to the California 65 proposals, in 2008 the consumable secure improvement bill (CPSIA) and other limit elasticizer use laws and regulations, reduces the latent legal risk
  •  May absorb the fast renewable content
  •  With DINP, BBP and so on suitable dosage level and performance characteristic
  •  Has the outstanding thermostability, may fall the low heat stabilizer level, reduces adds the industry and commerce output loss
  •  Under same degree of hardness mechanical property enhancement
 Product range Biological base content Non-toxic environmental protection Conforms to CPSIA Conforms to CA PROP 65 *
 reFlex 100 94% x x x

 * this elasticizer not yet is appraised by the California conditions health hazard the office to recognize that for must pay attention to the material, therefore has not included the California 65 proposals.


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