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REJUVEN8™ biology plastic material

Uses in food, the health and the consumable packing along with more and more plastics, the brand owner needs to select has outstanding sustainable, at the same time can maintain the product quality and the performance material. Our Rejuven8 material can meet this need. This living thing plastic can provide the reel or the hot formation vessel form, may have custom-made, thus achieves reasonable balanced in the product performance and the packing sustainable aspect.


 Luminescent spot

  •  Can provide the reel or the hot formation vessel
  •  Can produce holds the renewable goods, conforms to ASTM to the biodegradation criterion, or in the industrial system may loop, and/or may degrade
  •  Has custom-made the packing functionality and the performance superiority, like glossiness, transparency and clarity
  •  Processes the freedom, includingMaySupports the existing production link speed and the hypothermia production conditions, does not need to make the significant adjustment to the device
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 Rejuven8™ Biological base material - reel or hot formation vessel The sustainable selection may carry on has custom-made, simultaneously maintains the packing performance and the functionality



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