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RESILIENCE™ medical formula

Resilience HC is for the medical instrument outer covering application development rigid ethenyl material series. May enhance bears the chemical properties, moreover easy to process, artisticly, and has the fine durability. Regardless of being stationary or the handhold medical instrument, Resilience HC may provide the mature eifld performance. It has obtained the USP level VI authorization, and has the rich nursing function, therefore is the medical instrument application fine material.


 Luminescent spot

  •  The anti-dehiscence, the corrugation as well as the majority disinfectants create color deterioration
  •  Provides the fine artistry and the high durability
  •  USP level VI authorization
  •  The UL being flame-resistant rank achieves UL 94 5VA
  •  The anti-ultraviolet linearity may provide the long-term stability


 Product range Identity Being flame-resistant USP six levels
 HC 8210 Medium current capacity, impact resistance 5VA @1.5mm; V0 @ 0.75mm Yes
 HC 8220 High current capacity, impact resistance Does not have Yes
 HC 8230 Medium current capacity, high impact resistance 5VA @2.0mm; V0 @1.5mm Yes
 HC 4895 High anti-shock strength, transparent V0 @ 1.5mm Yes
 HC 8250H High fever distortion temperature 5VA @1.6mm; V0 @1.6mm Yes

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