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RESOUND™ NF natural fiber enhancement formula

reSound™ the NF natural fiber enhancement solution can help your company with ease to change the low density material, its high mechanical property may have the challenging application need satisfiedly. This is one kind of careful design, tenacious and the sustainable absafil formula substitute, the density compares the glass fiber formula to reduce 5-10%. The brand-new craft was reSound the NF solution has brought the outstanding heat mechanical property. The client may process these special polymers under the low injection molding temperature by the standard machine tools. The outstanding performance and the low density union enabled reSound the NF solution to become the many profession technology application electing of ideal. In the automobile profession, US collected high was already riding with the vehicle domain had detected surpassed 15 kind of latent applications. This kind of new solution has a lower density and more advantageous LCA (life-cycle analysis). Compares other natural fiber enhancement solution, the reSound NF mechanical property has the distinct improvement, including stretch and bend performance, thermal deformation temperature and shock strength.

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  •  The density compares has the similar mechanical property solution to reduce 5-10%
  •  The biological base, reduces the product life cycle to start the time carbon slot
  •  May under the standard equipment and the existing mold the injection molding
  •  The processing wears lowly, the processing temperature is low
  •  May duplicate uses the nearly complete waste material

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