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SOUNDX™ sound-insulated soft board

SoundX™ the soft sheet material in the automobile, the industry and the architecture application uses in reducing the sound. The high proportion, the big load's SoundX sheet material can be cut off the sound wave transmission, can reduce the noise validly.


 Luminescent spot




 The SoundX product line provides the nimble acoustic shield solution for many kinds of applications.

  •  Shoulders the soft sheet material greatly, has the deafen identity
  •  Easy to make: The SoundX soft sheet material can by each kind of processing mode manufacture (agglutination, lamination, punch and so on); Can also with ease carry on cutting with the standard building implement to carry on the field manufacturing
  •  Hot formation ability: May provide pulls the hot formation application lowly the formula
  •  Has custom-made the size and the packing: The client may select many kinds of thickness, the cut lengths, the volume of order and the color, obtains accurate soft sheet material which needs
  •  Ignitability: SoundX conforms to the MVSS 302 standards, may provide satisfies UL the HB standard the formula
  •  Conventional demand: The SoundX formula meets the RoHS requirement, does not contain barium color matching: May according to need to provide
 Product range Description Intensity
 SoundX 100 Flexible PVC sheet material Easy to manufacture
 SoundX EVA Flexible non-PVC sound barrier Outstanding hypothermia flexibility

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