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STAN-TONE™ WDN river character dispersing agent

Stan-Tone™ the WDN dispersing agent is helpful satisfying the dispersing agent the sensitive standard, specially the pH value, the intensity and the color depth, simultaneously have the constant color value and the color intensity. These dispersing agent use the pigment, the alkali stable acrylicresin, the water as well as the few nonmetallic antiseptic manufacture only. These dispersing agent not including the surface active agent, the wetting agent, the glycol, the defoamer or other cause the craft complex chemical additive possibly.

 Luminescent spot


  •  Satisfies dispersive, pH, solid, the intensity and the color depth standard
  •  Has custom-made the combination, the lowest raid of size is 500 gallons
  •  Constant color and color intensity
  •  Reduces as far as possible through the configuration precipitates (recommendation momentarily to carry on gently agitation)
  •  Scope including high solid, organic and mineral pigment dispersing agent

 Guarantees stores up the product under 32°F (0°C) above temperature


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