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STAT-TECH™ electromagnetic interference/radio-frequency interference shield formula

Stat-Tech™ the EMI/RFI shield formula undergoes the special engineering design, has the shield battery disturbance (EMI) and the radio-frequency interference (RFI) the performance, may use in the essential electronic installation. These compound unified the selection project resin as well as the enhancement chemical additive performance, provides the precise shield for yours application. The traditional EI/RFI shield formula is unable to provide the enough weaken. US collects the research and development which carries on high to enable us to be able to provide the EMI/RFI polymer formula, surpasses the present to use in the medical equipment, the data communication system, the industrial system as well as electrical and the electronic system's requirement higher and higher radio equipment rep's shield requirement. Stat-Tech formula's other superiority and the characteristic basis use the enhancement chemical additive is different and is different, these chemical additives including powdered carbon, carbon fiber, nickel coating carbon fiber and stainless steel textile fiber and so on. May use each kind of substrate resin formation Stat-Tech compound.

 Luminescent spot


  •  Compares with the machining spare part, the cost reduces, and reduces the shipping cost.
  •  Reduction
  •  To the starch, the fragment and the indentation sensitivity is low
  •  Inherent corrosion-resisting/oxidability
  •  Design flexibility
  •  The components are fixed
  •  Is each profession application ideal selection, including transportation, electrical and electronic as well as medical care profession.

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