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SYNCURE™ crossing linking polyethylene formula

Syncure™ the system divides into two processes: The silicon hydride port and moisture content crossing linking, are a high density polyethylene system (XLPE). Syncure had considered the related ordinary polyethylene's two unique superiority, namely enhance the thermal stability and the oil resistance greatly. Syncure XLPE uses Sioplas the E two level of technology manufactures, to process the personnel to provide the related organic hydrogen peroxide and the reactor copolymer crossing linking craft significant superiority and the efficiency. The Syncure system has many kinds of functions, uses in producing the solid, altogether pushing or the foaming molding, the thin film or the injection molding components. Simultaneously also many downstream operation.

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  •  Heat-resisting, oil, slow change and attrition
  •  Anti-hypothermia impact properties
  •  The temperature rated value is highest reaches 125°C
  •  Outstanding thermoplastic workability
  •  Through crossing linking improvement thermal deformation
  •  May use in the low tension wire and the electric cable, the solar energy as well as other special market application

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