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SYNPLAST™ elasticizer

You when select the elasticizer, not only needs to believe firmly its meets your application performance need, moreover most has the cost benefit the solution. US collects high can provide SynPlast™ the solution for you, is specifically as follows: The massive elasticizer chemical has the most superior performance and the cost benefit, suits applies us in you have the rich experience in the elasticizer and the ethenyl formula aspect, can enhance your product performance and reduce the total formula cost. We select all raw materials which may use, provides the most adaptive elasticizer for yours application. Whether you do need not to belong to our current product mix product? Our team may cooperate the solution with you which the development satisfies you to require uniquely. No matter you need low-power large capacity, our manufacture flexibility and the agility can implement your entire cover, suits in has custom-made the plan.


 Luminescent spot




 SynPlast elasticizer:

  •  According to strict manufacture standard production
  •  Conforms to various professions quality specification
  •  A series of product chemical may use in the demand the outdoor application
  •  65 gathers the gauge rank including FDA/CPSIA/CA Prop

 The nimble ethenyl compound uses the SynPlast elasticizer, usually uses in the following market and the application:

  •  Construction and construction (roof thin film, floor, window/gate seal and so on)
  •  Electric wire and electric cable (protective covering, insulation and so on)
  •  The consumable (swimming pool inside lining uses outside thin film sheet material, adhesive duplicate, varnished fabric and so on)
  •  Transportation (automobile gauge board, facing material, gate outer covering and so on)
   Molecular weight Conforms to CPSIA Non-toxic environmental protection Anti-ultraviolet ray
 SynPlast phthalic acid ester elasticizer  
 DOP-N 391  
 DOP-FM 391  
 9P 420  
 911XP 424  
 901P 452  
 DUP 475 x  
 SynPlast trimellitic acid ester elasticizer  
 TOTM 547 x x  
 NOTM 547 x x x
 TINTM 589 x x  
 L9TM 589 x x x
 810TM 592 x x x
 SynPlast fat nature elasticizer  
 DOA-N 371 x x  
 DOA-FM 371 x x  
 DINA 399 x x  
 DIDA 427 x x  
 DOS 427 x x  

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