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SYNPLICITY™ cosmetics ester

This is a familiar story. Stemming from the government laws' and regulations' requirement and the consumer safety's consideration, uses the fast colloidization, the high solvent and the petroleum derivation plasticizer cosmetics company originally starts to compound the product the formula. Finally? Other vicarious elasticizer efficiency not high moreover the process is slower. We developed one kind not to need any compromise a better plan. We SynPlicity™ 1000 living thing plasticizer may provide a better performance and the durability for the formula teacher and the brand owner are balanced. This living thing base substitute efficiency is higher, does not contain the phthalic acid ester, moreover may also with the conventional elasticizer system union use. Who can profit from this kind of technology? Following formula teacher and brand owner: Is searching the high dissolved elasticizer to optimize the formula because of the elasticizer or the substitute selection is restricted, but can not but sacrifice the performance to hope that has the high renewable content to need not to contain the phthalic acid ester system's elasticizer


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  •  94% living thing base content, including the phthalic acid ester, does not dissolve the elasticizer high the substitute
  •  With DBP, BBP and other high dissolved elasticizer suitable dosage and performance characteristic
  •  Under same degree of hardness mechanical property enhancement
  •  Is listed as the methyl epoxidation soybean oil methyl ester by the international cosmetics raw material naming organization

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