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SYNPRIME™ lubricant ester

Uses in the lubricant formula the ester chemical not irrevocable solution. The standard product is unable to meet your all specific performance need generally. Collects high in US, we through cooperate closely with the client, understood that their demand and researches and develops has the cost benefit to have custom-made the solution, has filled this vacancy. Unified US to collect the high broad chemical product mix as well as to have custom-made the multiplicity which the product mode could provide needs, the blank which the fill backward integration supplier stayed behind, they did not care about your physical demand possibly. We hope that and has ability to help you to satisfy the durability, the biology which the specific application needs may the degradability, the viscosity and the temperature performance.


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 Below the integrated synthesis SynPrime™ the lubricant ester rubber mineral oil base substitute can provide after the proof superiority:

  •  The polar chemical properties, can generate tenacious and the stable lubricant thin film
  •  The natural detergency, reduces the insoluble residual, the detachment already the precipitation which has
  •  The low pour point, reduces the volatility, the improvement viscosity index, enhances the flash point, improves the hot/oxidized stable performance
  •  Compares the mineral oil and other synthesis substitution product, the improvement biology may the degradability

 The use lubricant ester formula can help your client:

  •  The device service life lengthens, reduces the capital expenditure and the safeguarding cost
  •  Reduces the energy use and the device down time, reduces the operation cost
  •  The machine oil replacement frequency reduces, the improvement product biology may the degradability, reduce the waste
  •  Collects the high nimble productivity, the agility and the moderate quantity demand through US, meets the specific lubricant performance need, including special application

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