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THERMA-TECH™ heat conduction formula

Therma-Tech™ the hot control formula after the engineering design, has the heat transfer and cooling capacity, simultaneously the thermoplastic uses the free design, reduces the weight, and has the cost advantage. These materials have the appropriation electric conduction agent technology superiority as well as the selection project thermoplastic resin performance. The Therma-Tech compound after the proof thermal conductivity is traditional plastic 50-100 time, and may use in each kind of heat pipe being supposed to use. The Therma-Tech compound has provided the hot sensitive application unique plan for the designer. With traditional achievement insulator, and prevents the hot escape the plastic dissimilar is, the Therma-Tech compound can in the entire components the even allocation quantity of heat, and is far away from the heat source. With is restricted convection cooling the traditional metal dissimilar is, the Therma-Tech compound has the high efficiency, because its convection coefficient of overall heat transmission and the thermal conductivity match closely.

 Luminescent spot


  •  Low heat expansion rate
  •  Reduction
  •  Compares with the machining spare part, the cost reduces, and reduces the shipping cost.
  •  Inherent corrosion-resisting/oxidability
  •  Designs nimbly, the shape is more complex
  •  The retaining element, reduces the assembly cost
  •  Each profession application, including transportation, device and electrical and the electronic profession electing of ideal

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