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TRILLIANT™ HC health nursing thermoplastic

Trilliant™ HC represented US to collect is high is using in the health nursing client aspect the advanced material solution newest technology. Trilliant™ the HC material is for the purpose of provides has custom-made the high performance identity, satisfies each kind of specific application the health nursing requirement, gathers the gauge including the color match and the supervision. The Trilliant material series conforms to American food and the medicine administrative bureau (FDA) with the American pharmacopoeia (USP) requirement. Simultaneously satisfies food, the drugs and the medical product good production standard (FDM-GMP).

 Luminescent spot  


  •  The material origin is the USP VI level
  •  Completely specialized has custom-made the combination
  •  Formula “locking”
  •  Produces the main pipe to submit the medicine control file
  •  Provides the manual in view of each product characteristic, including the recommendation disinfection program, bears the chemical properties, two crafts as well as other many aspects.
  •  Provides the consultation support in the choice of material
  •  Pu stands ten thousand in FDM the GMP manufacture practice aspect specialized knowledge

 Bears the chemical properties mixture:

  •  Has the outstanding intensity and the durability
  •  May use in the standard rank, and may have custom-made, satisfies the specific performance requirement
  •  May use in from performance PP to the PEEK each kind of substrate polymer

 Structurized enhancement material

  •  Uses the spectrum matrix material manufacture the high structural strength enhansive material
  •  May use in from performance PP to the PEEK each kind of substrate polymer
  •  USP VI level of available

 Conducting material:

  •  Balanced electrical conductivity, current capacity and size stability
  •  Conductivity constant high strength material
  •  Outstanding durability, and is advantageous for the processing

 Antibacterial material:

  •  EPA authorization organic and inorganic solution
  •  Each kind of substrate polymer is compatible

 Radiation barrier:

  •  Polymer metal compound, substitution lead, specific proportion between 1.5-11

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