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The rigidity squeezes out

The rigidity squeezes out the ethenyl material is on the pellet formula production line commands troops the product, take the molding, the plate, the thin film and bottle cap's squeezes out with cardboard application in single screw rod as the goal. This production line coverage area is broad, may satisfy many professions the requirements, including electric appliance apparatus, architecture and structure, consumable, electricity and electron, office equipment and transportation.


 Luminescent spot

  •  The indoor level has the fire resistance, bears the chemical properties and the indoor anti-ultraviolet ray, meanwhile obtains the US National Science Foundation and the American Underwriter Laboratory authorization.
  •  The transparent level has the fire resistance and bears the chemical properties clarity
  •  The outdoor gradation only then anti-unaccelerated aging, has many year efflorescence data is an evidence
  •  The Advex flexural modulus is higher, may replace the lumber or the metal
 Product range Using Outward appearance performance Important attribute It is not transparent
  8700A General target Otherwise Very high fusing intensity It is not transparent
  8700X General target Otherwise High fusing intensity It is not transparent
  87180 General target Otherwise Standard fusing intensity It is not transparent
  L6256 Electricity Otherwise High current capacity It is not transparent
  L9630 Seals the sideband Otherwise  
 It is not transparent
  Advex L6105 General target Otherwise High flexural modulus It is not transparent
  87600 Vertical curtain Otherwise  
 It is not transparent
  87555 General target Otherwise  
  87564 Point of purchase Otherwise  
  87727 Vertical curtain Otherwise  
  85857 Window molding Yes Glossiness - medium It is not transparent
  87416 Window molding Yes Glossiness - high It is not transparent
  06935 Window molding Yes Glossiness - low It is not transparent
  L7035 Window molding Yes Glossiness - low It is not transparent
  L7100 General target Yes Glossiness - low It is not transparent
  87850 Sheet material Yes Glossiness - high It is not transparent

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