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Thick alloy

Uses the Bold alloy to be possible to expand your service validly. This material to use in the outdoors construction product specially the deep color lining, the outline and the plate compounds, the efflorescence performance is good, may satisfy the market to the stained wood or the coloring metal low safeguarding product demand. The hope joins the popular deep color in yours product? If blue black? Uses the Bold alloy to be possible to achieve.


 Luminescent spot

  •  The attractive deep color is joined to the high glossiness and the sand blasting surface, does not need too many safeguarding very likely the stained woods or the coloring metal
  •  The outdoors efflorescence data obtains which under each kind of position and the climatic conditions had proven its has fixes for a long time the performance
  •  The expansion mixes colors the disk and the low solar energy quantity of heat stack pigment union use, including is “the deep color” the outward appearance new research and development pigment craft
  •  Grades the nimble design option, may extrude the foundation plate lining, the solid molding or uses in the lumber envelope the plate
  •  The thermal deformation temperature high rank may use in a temperature higher conditions
 Product Important attribute Weathering resistance energy Glossiness rank Product design
 Bold L5000 High glossiness, but applies may have custom-made. Good High glossiness The bottle cap uses the cardboard, the molding, the sheet material
 Bold L5500 Serves as on the lignin plastic compound parapet the cardboard Outstanding High glossiness The bottle cap uses the cardboard, the molding
 Bold L5700 Suits (203°F/95°C HDT) serves as on the lignin plastic compound parapet in the high temperature the cardboard or the porous PVC kneading board Outstanding Satin facing The bottle cap uses the cardboard
 Bold L5800 Low heat stack “pitch-black” best selection High quality Satin facing The bottle cap uses the cardboard

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