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Titanium oxide powder

The anatase titanium dioxide (Anatase A), wraps the membrane titanium oxide powder, the active titanium oxide powder, the ceramics use the titanium oxide powder. Titanium oxide powder product characteristic 1. The albedo is good, easy to disperse; 2. The high quality at low price, is helpful the reduction of cost; 3. Activeness is high, has the very strong binding force with each kind of high polymer material, enables the product to have the good outward appearance and the mechanical properties, the very great degree enhanced the weathering resistance; 4. The pellet is small, exempts the attrition (2500-3000 item); 5. Has the outstanding scattered performance and the aerosol performance, is not easy to precipitate, the coloration evenly, glossiness good and so on characteristics.

Titanium oxide powder main application
Mainly uses in the coating industry, in aspects and so on telecommunication equipment, synthetic fiber, metallurgy, papermaking, plastic, printing ink, coating, rubber, printing also has the broad use.
Titanium oxide powder detailed technical specification
Test item guide posts actual result
Isn't the pigment (with standard sample ratio) lower than
105 degrees volatile matter %≦ 0.3-0.5 0.25
Water-soluble %≦ 0.3 0.25
Sieves She Wu (the 45um mesh) % ≦ 0.1 0.08
Water suspending liquid PH value 7.0-9.0 7.3
Blots measures g 100g≦ 23.0 22.5
Hiding power g ㎡ 33.0 32.5
Albedo ≧% 93.0 95.2

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