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Uses in substituting the coating SMARTBATCH™ FX

If one kind of polymer can implement the metallic paint outward appearance, and does not have any troublesome and the performance deficiencies, how do you think? Smartbatch™ the FX coloring agent technology eliminated has been compelled, in the outward appearance or the quality aspect carried on the compromise in the situation to carry on the painting to the plastic the need. We already helped the massive clients, in they change the compression molding color from the use coating in the process to maintain the high part quality. You may trust us in the coating substitution application aspect specialty and the experience.


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 OnColor Smartbatch the FX color parent material help manufacturer obtains the metal product outward appearance, will not have with coats with lacquer or the galvanization related question. These color parent material is to help you to design:

  •  Enhancement client attraction: With the breach tradition, achieves the highest standard in the outward appearance the beckoning product to make your client to be well satisfied.
  •  Simplification fabrication technology: Through eliminates the painting, you may simplify the operation - - reduction process and the complexity.
  •  Reduces to the conditions the influence: Through the color effects conformity to the plastic, may avoid with two processing related common conditions question.
  •  Achieves solid is using the performance: Uses OnColor Smartbatch a FX concentration color mother grain of part, its anti-ultraviolet may contend with the paint plastic.
  •  Reduces the system cost: The reduced process, eliminates the processing process, reduces the manufacture complexity and the physical distribution, may accelerate the production cycle, cuts the rejection rate, and reduces your population cost.

 OnColor Smartbatch the FX color parent material can well the conformity to the major part thermoplastic craft in; In order to achieve the good even effect, needs the precise to feed system. Must consider its sensitivity in the product design and in technological parameter's performance history. Cooperates with our outstanding technical expert, implements from the coating product to the compression molding product stable transition.


 Smartbatch FX essential identity:

  •  Apparent: OnColor Smartbatch the FX color parent material may satisfy the highest apparent standard.
  •  Anti-scratches: Will be different will display the smallest scratch the coating components, OnColor Smartbatch the FX color parent material will make the components will have a deeper color, therefore the small scratch will be not obvious usually.
  •  Against dust adheres to stick cohere: May add in the formula adds the added value.
  •  Against ultraviolet ray: Includes OnColor Smartbatch the FX color parent material product compares in against ultraviolet ray aspect and the spray coating plastic parts has the superiority.

 Smartbatch the FX color parent material is the following product ideal selection:

  •  Automobile outward appearance part
  •  Automobile internals
  •  Electrical appliances
  •  Consumable

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