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Uses in the polyolefine membrane ONCAP™ the chemical additive

US collects the high polyolefine thin film ™OnCap™™ to help the agent to cause the thin film and plate extrusion business can have custom-made its processing and the end product performance, helps to implement the cost saving and the product line control. These help the agent to be possible to strengthen the performance, like anti-static electricity, oxidation resistance and flame retardance and so on, and can reduce the melt break and the enhancement production link speed, helps you to implement enhances the productivity the goal.


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 OnCapThe chemical additive concentrate's formula can strengthen the resin and the compound performance and/or the working capacity:

  •  May help the agent through the use product performance to enhance the polyolefine thin film the performance (for example anti-static electricity, oxidation resistance, flame retardance, bears ultraviolet ray and so on).
  •  Our processing helps the agent to be helpful to the polyolefine producer while does not affect the quality to enhance the productivity, and helps in the agent from the processing to obtain the help. These chemical additive concentrate can enhance the extrusion craft, reduces the melted break and the mold piles up and enhances production line's speed.
  •  To has custom-made the chemical additive concentrate from the standard product, US collects high may help you to implement the specific performance which in the application needs.

 Our chemical additive concentrate has provided below several big superiority for the manufacturer:

  •  Has each standard rank as well as has custom-made formula, meets your need.
  •  Can in the final product processing period improvement performance
  •  Easy to process
  •  Good dispersivity
  •  Low increase rate
  •  Can for the construction, the construction and the industry and so on essential profession application provides the solution.

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