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VALIANT™ medical service solution

The Valiant health nursing solution including each kind of reel material or the formation components, may use in the decontaminating apparatus, the guarantee and the medicine application. Our solution has the shielding property part, the enhancement stability, may help you to satisfy the global health nursing profession strict requirement. The packing and the medical care application must endure the strict disinfection as well as the bad global shipping condition usually. The material selection satisfies the statutory requirement, and guarantees delivers the device and the drugs key securely. US collects the high depth the material knowledge and the profession experience can help you to develop gathers gauge's packing, lets your medical care product go on the market fast, and reduces the breakdown risk on the way.


 Model application

  •  Medical equipment tray or reagent box packing
  •  The diagnosis reagent box - - may use in being cut off high, reduces two packing
  •  Unit agent measuring glass  
  •  Medicine packing
 Product range Description Type
 Loyal and heroic ™ ultra Provide by the reel material or the pre-formation vessel form Has custom-made the design or the stock plan
 Loyal and heroic ™ ultra Provide by the reel material or the pre-formation vessel form High performance/structure formula

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