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VBX series ethenyl powder formula

The VBX series ethenyl medicinal powder provides uses in the automobile for the automobile original equipment manufacturer the assorted items top sense of touch, for example vehicle door, gauge board, gauge board safety aerocyst gate and core console. If applies needs thickness unification the thin wall, this product is congeals models the formation craft the ideal selection. Congeals models the formation use ethenyl medicinal powder to fill in the model, until its heating in the cast surface condensation level, then cancels the unnecessary medicinal powder. Then melts completely the gelatin level, flakes from the mold. The revolving injection mold is composed of two parts, overbrims in among determined in advance the weight the ethenyl medicinal powder, puts in heats up the oven, and simultaneously circles mold wall revolving in two planes. Our ethenyl medicinal powder may have custom-made according to the formula, and after the certification, may use in the terminal automobile, the free documents permit, the beautiful underwriter laboratory, the American Experiment Material Academic society, the US National Science Foundation, the American Ministry of Agriculture, the military, the medical service or the client special-purpose application. In order to accelerate the product acceptance testing and evaluation, US collects the high production the VBX ethenyl medicinal powder to obtain many original equipment manufacturer authorization.

  •  The low volatile organic compound may improve the air quality, reduces the dust and fog
  •  The hypothermia performance, is helpful in enhancing the crack resistance and the seamless safety aerocyst distribution
  •  100% inserting color, do not need to color
  •  The texture and the characteristic detail may enhance the esthetic sense
  •  The ultraviolet radiation stability, may resist the weathering, enhances the color holds the performance
  •  The chemical stability, may lengthen the product service life
  •  The design compatibility, may improve the product performance, the detail and the technology capability
  •  Has custom-made the formula, may optimize the product performance

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