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VERSAFLEX™ PKG bears the chemical properties thermosplastic elastomer

For yours cosmetics, personal nursing or the domestic electric appliances packing searches bears the chemical properties material? We already researched and developed one kind newly to bear the chemical properties thermosplastic elastomer, provides the new angle of view for the brand owner and the packing producer to design bears chemistry nozzle, the dispensing pump, the seal and the vacuum valve, directly with packing integration, when with corrosive chemical immediate contact will not fade, the corrosion, the breakage or the lamination.


 Bears the chemical properties TPE addition functionality, brings the value for the consumer

  •  Bears the chemical properties- - in resistance cosmetics, personal nursing and daily necessities' corrosive soap, detergent, emulsion, oil and solvent
  •  Supervision- - in the component conforms to certain chemicals and food contact laws and regulations
  •  Value- - silica gel and design excessive medical level TPE efficient substitute
  •  Easy to process- - may on matrix and so on PP, ABS cast or two formations directly
  •  Artistic- - addition color and texture, from emulation blooming
  •  May recycle- - The TPE compatible majority municipal government recycles the stream
 Product range Scleroscope hardness A Supervision Color Two formations Bears the chemical properties
 Versaflex™ PKG 4345, 4355, 4365 45A, 55A, 65A REACH SVHC, FDA 21 CFR, EU 10/2011 Translucent Polypropylene #1 uses in the soap; The nonpolar oil uses the low cost solution
 Versaflex PKG 4465 65A REACH SVHC, FDA 21 CFR Translucent Polypropylene #2 is suitable for the soap; Partial oils class
 Versaflex PKG 4570 70A REACH SVHC, FDA 21 CFR Natural Polar matrix #1 is suitable for the polarity and the nonpolar oil; #1 is suitable for the nonpolar solvent, for example different dodecane
 Versaflex PKG 4665 65A REACH SVHC, FDA 21 CFR Natural Polar matrix #2 is suitable for the nonpolar oil; Abrasion resistance

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