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VERSAFLEX™ thermoplastic elastomer

Versaflex™ series TPE represented US to collect multiply to dedicated - - may high the adaptive formula, will let the client have the opportunity the new solution to lead its respective market. Versaflex TPE may configure satisfies market and so on medical care, consumable, electricity and electron, packing and device requirements and uses the demand finally.


 Luminescent spot

  •  Adherency in a series of engineering plastics
  •  Transparent, heat-resisting TPE
  •  Ultra clear rank
  •  Ultra soft TPE, most lowers to 30 Shore OO
  •  FDA, USP VI, ISO 10993 authorization ranks
  •  NSF and UL 94 going on the market ranks
  •  May carry on squeezes out, the injection and the blow molding
  •  May under the autoclave, the radiation and under the oxirane gas disinfects
 Product range Description Identity Identity
 Versaflex CE Expense electronic installation Easy to process Durable
 Versaflex CL E series The transparent rank, including does not use in the medical thin film, the bag and jar's elasticizer. The high pressure antiseptic around has the high transparency Melts lowly
 Versaflex CL series Each kind transparent and ultra soft rank May have custom-made May color
 Versaflex FFC series Food contact application Conforms to FDA and the EU requirement Takes shape the polypropylene
 Versaflex HC MT series The medical drive pipe level, does not contain the elasticizer High definition The operating temperature is high
 Versaflex HC plug and filling piece series Medical filling piece and plug level Denuclearization, good puncture May duplicate seals, uses in the static plug
 Versaflex HC medical service formation series Medical equipment formation With many kinds of matrix cementations The good corrosion resistance, conforms to ISO 10993
 Versaflex OM series Formation rank May have custom-made May color
 Versaflex VDT Bears the impact and the vibration absorber May have custom-made May color
 Versaflex PKG Specially formula manufacture which carries on for the aluminum lid, uses in sealing the glass, gathering the dicarboxylic acid glycol ester (PET) or the aluminum system vessel. Preserves the sensitive drink the flavor and the flavor. The high seal integrity, the extension guarantees the nature time.

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