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WITHSTAND™ anti-microorganism technology

Let us face up to this question - bacterium to be ubiquitous, in particular in sense of touch contact polymer surface. No matter your client is the consumer, food and the drink manufacturer, the hospital or the patient, you hoped that can overcome your plastic product surface microorganism the formation and the growth. We WithStand™ antibacterial technology in materials science knowledge and effect experience and world extant nearly all polymerization phase union, brings the solution which long-tested, valid, lasting, does not discount, the limit plastic device end product's microorganism multiplies. It is also helpful in reduces the negative influence which the unusual smell, the pollution, the color deterioration, the mechanical property loss and other microorganisms multiply create.


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 Our client selects the WithStand anti-microorganism and the anti-fungus chemical additive, through the following mode, promotes them to supply consumer's product and the device, food, the cosmetics, the healthy profession performance and the value:

  •  Speeds up enters the market the speed: Through provision “the "one-stop" work style” the solution, reduces the microorganism to multiply, the WithStand anti-microorganism technology product mix and the service can help the client to solve the microorganism problem validly fast.
  •  Reduces the product development and the research and development cost: The WithStand product already displayed the agent effect performance in many kinds of polymers, our microorganism supply navigation and analyzes the laboratory to be possible according to need to provide the extra test, reduces the product development cost. US collects the high energy to provide the research and development consultation and the sample which the production in enormous quantities needs, further simplifies your development flow.
  •  Product optimization: Relies on our knowledge, the experience and the technical specialized knowledge, we can provide the parent material and completely the composition material, the maximized latent client interest. For yours application selection solution by chance, including has custom-made the anti-microorganism chemical additive, the foundation polymer and the extra color or the function chemical additive. Consults us Smartbatch™ the technology, there has the highly effective solution!
  •  Consistent product quality: Our experience follows we internal food, the medicine and the medical service (FDM) - the high quality production standard (GMP), our supplier's partner specialized knowledge guarantees your product to conform to the agreement specification.
  •  Gathers the gauge assistance: US collects the high expert to be able to help the instruction client, lets them explore “the anti-microorganism's labyrinth” the general demand, including the chemical additive selection, the product specification, the adjustment development, as well as the test - ends in view of their product perfect optimization solution.

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