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Provides the muse service for yours each step craft.

You knew possibly we have the profession leading technology, but serves is causes us truly from the emulation the blooming characteristic. To provide the supplement to the rich product, we provide many kinds of services diligently, meets the need which you change unceasingly, provides the competitive advantage for you. 

Innovation core

Regardless of your enterprise is seeking the enhancement produces can the brilliant plan, searches the new coloring agent, seeks the product design, the examination and the material analysis help, using materials science's newest progress, US collects the high service to be able to help you to turn the high quality project the great project.

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Color service

Industry in the leading coloring agent and the color planning service can help you to be blooming, obtains the success. We will cooperate with the client, help them to design the demand to transform as the intelligent brand and the application, thus the advancement project will move toward the market from the concept.

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IQ designs the laboratory

IQ designs the laboratory is composed of one group of experience very rich industry designer and project engineer. Our objective and fair the method and the unique design combination, the polymer science and the production specialty may help you to go on the market fast the impressive new product.

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Manufacture + producer services

Whether you in do search does not enhance under the supplementary capital investment's premise produces can the effective prescription? Expands voluntarily produces the mass consumptions your resource, but we may provide the service in this aspect for you.

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Contacts with us

If has any question, please have the contact with us.

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