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Food packing color mother

Food grade color mother grain
  • Introduction

  The food grade color mother conforms to the US, Europe, China food sanitation standard. The food grade color parent material not only conforms to the food grade national standards, and achieves the USFDAStandard sumSGSEnvironmental protection certification. Hygienic requirement. Applies drinks water pipe's coloration in the food packing with the revertex product and the plastic.

  The food grade color mother may satisfy the export related requirement standard, and may require according to the client to provide the food standard certificate USFDAHygienic requirement!

  Does not migrate, non-fading, does not contain the carcinogen.

  Color: Has custom-made the color to be possible, and provides the color schemes. Services and so on sample manufacture as well as performance examination.

  • Application domain

The product may widely use in the food grade health requirement the plastic products for example: Meal gathers, food inside lining bag, the bottle, the blow molding, squeezes out, the injection molding and so on.
  • Technical specification

Heat resistance:200-250 Light resistance:>=5 levels bear the migratory nature: 5 levels
  • Product characteristic
  1. The green environmental protection, non-toxic does not have the environmental damage, may duplicate recycles, may degrade.
  2. High glossiness.
  3. Has the good dispersivity, the fluidity and workability.
  4. High hiding power.
  5. High performance-to-price ratio.
  6. The carrier, the pigment, help the agent to undergo strict screening.

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