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Uses in your application creativity color and the outward appearance

Industry in the leading coloring agent and the color planning service can help you to be blooming, obtains the success. We will cooperate with the client, help them to design the demand to transform as the intelligent brand and the application, thus the advancement project will move toward the market from the concept. We have experience's colleague, the global spreadability as well as our creativity are warm, provides the support from the idea to the commercial introduction for you.

US collects the high coloring agent plan to have the liquid, the solid body color mother grain and the dispersivity.

Has the muse idea: InVisiOSMColor and design service

Through in design stage early time cooperation, before the manufacture essential table, carries on the installment and the optional feature resolution, our InVisiO team can help you to use the color, implements your prospect. More informations.

Simple selection: OnColor™ combination

ONCOLOR™ the combination provided each kind of color for you you to be possible to use our color selector tool to carry on the comparison and the appraisal immediately or downloads us to use in IOS the ONCOLOR application program.

Color metering system: ColorMatrix™ FlexCart™

Relies on the FLEXCART system, you may obtain continuously, consistent and accurate supply the material effect. More informations…

Has the value cooperation: US collects the high innovation core

Must understand that enhances the performance in yours application and the workable available data or the new formula, please access our innovation core network.
More informations.

 Fast color creation: ColorMatrix™ Select

ColorMatrix™ the Select service unified the advanced liquid coloring agent, the cloud access software as well as the automated dispersion technology, is advantageous checks the color development and the supply chain well. More informations.

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