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What is your manufacture challenge?

Whether you in do search does not enhance under the supplementary capital investment's premise produces can the effective prescription? Expands voluntarily produces the mass consumptions your resource, but we may provide the service in this aspect for you.

Regardless of you are the resin producer, polymer configuration business, the middle man or the distributer, you may let US collect the high furnished raw material processing and the contract manufacture service help you:

  • Selects the best compound craft to achieve your rating
  • Strengthens your product line through the special blend
  • Studies the new resin and the chemical additive combination in ours groundbreaking innovation core
  • Optimizes the production efficiency in ours man-power duplicate vanishing line
  • Reduces the operation flow the complexity


Our service

Contract manufacture

Carries on, the privacy seamlessly to your productive enterprises expands, fast, and the economy releases the new product and the enhancement validly produces energy.

Supplies the chain to optimize

Regardless of when and where, you may use our broad supplier system, the production efficiency and the retailing service obtain you to need. 

Manufacture optimization

The promotion operation and solves the processing aspect different problem, including big or small raid of production, craft selection auxiliary, color matching or test as well as diagnosis.

Craft specialty

If your product needs the plastic charge compound, has custom-made the production blend, personal posts the sign the blend or the contract manufacture, we may provide the related service. You may concentrate in yours core competitiveness simultaneously depend upon Pu to set up ten thousand broad projects and the manufacture experience strengthen your product line and the performance.

We already looked like your same producer with many to carry on the cooperation in many kinds of crafts, including:

  • The electric wire electric cable squeezes out the craft
  • Rolls models
  • Injection molding
  • Blow molding
  • The different molding squeezes out
  • The plate squeezes out
  • Thin film

Compound device

From the starting test to the large scale production, our device can help you to solve the most difficult manufacture challenge. In we have ISO and in the QS intelligence facility experienced team use the expert who our different compound device carries on the entire series polymer compound aspect, these devices include:

  • Double screw rod extruding machine
  • Banbury mixture
  • Farrell continual mixture (FCM)
  • Single screw rod extruding machine
  • Grinder
  • Belt mixer, henshels and roller mixer

Blend and coloring agent

Searches the high use efficiency the blend or the coloring agent? We provide suit your application the comprehensive choice of material.
Not title - 1
Pre-color blend
Pads and strengthens gathers the third thin blend
Altogether mixes the elastomer
Altogether mixes the polymer
Specialized blend
Project material blend (ABS, EVOH, PC, PC/ABS, PP and PA)
Polyethylene blend and color mother grain
Biological base blend
Biological base padding
Being flame-resistant blend
TPO blend
Soft touch TPE blend


Coloring agent
Not title - 1
The general pigment and adds the additive mother grain
Black polymer
Pre-color blend


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