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As ours client, the latent client, the community members or the investor, we knew that the sustainable product, the practice and the service are extremely important to you. We provide satisfy your goal the solution and we own operation, this both's sustainable to us is also very important.

US will collect high devotes satisfying immediately demand at the same time take not to sacrifice the future as the price. In achievement world special polymer material, service and solution most important supplier, we devote to through us to the morals, the endurance and the finance are responsible for the criterion the pledge for ours client, the staff, the community and the shareholder create the value.

US collects the high sustainable solution combination

US collects high has founded “US to collect the high sustainable solution” the tag, indicated that these products or the service satisfy like the update ability, recycling ability, ingredient environmental protection or availability of resources the aspect and so on reuse definition standards. These standards include:

  • Renewable: The solution is based on, or the support uses renewable, may the compost or may the biodegradation resource.
  • May duplicate uses: The packing and the other physical distribution related system easy to recycle and to use again.
  • May recycle the use: After conformity expense, either, the industrialization may recycle the content or let them own be possible to recycle the use the solution. 
  • Ingredient environmental protection: In view of market demand which changes unceasingly, for the traditional material like lead, double phenol A (BPA), the phthalic acid salt or the halogen provides the substitution the solution.
  • Availability of resources: Can safeguard the earth resource the solution, for example can enhance the productivity, reduce the part weight or the material consumption, speeds up the cycle time either reduces the energy consumption or provides the better insulation identity plan.

Please relate US to collect sells representative to help you high to select suits your demand the sustainable solution.

US collects the high sustainable pledge

US collects the high achievement world high quality special polymer material, the service and the plan provider, devotes satisfies our client the demand, moreover does not affect the descendant to meet its need ability. We devote to through us to the morals, the endurance and the finance are responsible for the criterion the pledge for ours client, the staff, the community and the shareholder create the value.

  • We place the client the first place, based on the establishment in our groundbreaking No Surprises Pledge℠ in the foundation trust and the environmental management principle, through the innovation, the safety and helps their service growth to the conditions harmless solution.
  • Through the energy conservation technology, more recyclings, reduce the reject, enhance the operation efficiency continually and impel the operation management level, we diligently will reduce to the conditions the influence, promotes to the earth resource safeguarding.
  • We will provide the secure working conditions and through promote our world-class conditions, the health and the safety performance continually for ours employee safeguard our community.
  • Grows through the service, establishes the diverser operational site, invests world-class training and the development, we will provide the opportunity for ours employee, causes US to collect becomes the ideal employer high.
  • Charitable and the collective services organize and encourage us the staff to join local through the establishment the sustainable development plan, we and will transport the business office the community to establish closer relations.
  • We will cooperate with ours supplier reduce our global physical distribution supply chain to the conditions the influence.
  • We and will have are in the lead the sustainable technical provider to establish the reliable relations.

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