Function plastic

The function mother grain is refers to each kind of plastic to help the agent the concentrate, the direct increase helps the agent not to be easy to disperse, the use efficiency is not high, thus often by Mother grain Form increase.




Particle size size: The granule particle size 0.1~3mm composition's granular solids are the powdery solid. 0.1mm (100μm) is the particle composition powder; 1~10 μm is the fine powder; 0.1~1 μm is the colloidal powder; " the 3mm granule is the stave solid block. The particle size is smaller, the mixture which obtains is denser. But the homogeneous solid's particle size is smaller, between the granule is also easier to adsorb mutually ties the group, this kind of knot group, when with another solid particle mix is not easy to open, also difficult to disperse in the revertex melt.
Grain-size distribution: The grain-size distribution wide powder lot filling narrow is denser than the grain-size distribution. Because the small particle size may enter between the big granule in the gap, but mixes two kind of particle size phase difference big powder lot, then mixes evenly with difficulty.
Function mother grain of degree of hardness: Degree of hardness too high powdery granule--The ceramic powder, the inorganic antibiotics, the quartz sand and so on will create mixing device's surface to wear seriously, not only will reduce device's service life, and will cause the mixture color to send darkly, becomes gray, will be serious when will change directly




Packing mother grain of main composition:
1). Padding: If calcium carbonate. Talcum powder and so on.
2). Resin acceptor: If carbonic ether silicon hydride and so on.
3). Dispersing agent: If polyethylene wax and hard ester sour salt.
4). Carrier resin.
Moisture absorption antifoaming mother grain
The moisture absorption antifoaming mother grain is + helps the agent by the metal oxide compound + resin to be composed.
Is flame-resistant the mother grain
Is flame-resistant the mother grain is + helps the agent by the burning inhibiter + resin to be composed.
Leads the goddess of lightning grain
Will lead the goddess of lightning grain the long copper textile fiber and the resin, will carry on the gable, cuts the grain to complete.
Foaming mother grain
The foaming mother grain is by the compound foaming agent, the lubricant, the dispersing agent, the coloring agent is composed,
Anti-ultraviolet ray mother grain
The anti-ultraviolet ray mother grain uses two kind of anti-ultraviolet ray agents to carry on compound, is joined to the carrier, the dispersing agent again and so on helps the agent to make.
Bears the period of five days mother grain
Bears the period of five days mother grain is + helps the agent by the light stabilizer + resin to be composed.



Decreases temperature the mother grain
Mainly uses in PP being possible to fall the temperature 30-50 degree probably.
Adds the bright mother grain
Adds the bright mother grain also to call the luminous mother grain, the target is enhances the product the radiance, its main brightening agent has the ethylidene double stearamide, generally the color female dosage 20%-30%, in the product is 0.2%-0.3%, too many will affect the product the printing effect.
Strengthens the mother grain when the production, sometimes the material easy to pile up the feed opening, because it mainly the talcum powder entrapped air causes, when production should heat up the agitation, lets the wax melt, the moist talcum powder or adds the white mineral oil.
Moisture absorption antifoaming mother grain
The moisture absorption antifoaming mother grain is mainly may remove in the plastic to contain the moisture content and the unclear low molecular volatile matter, thus causes the plastic products not to have the air bubble without the water splash, like this may subtract the drying craft during guarantee product quality's.
Is flame-resistant the mother grain
Is flame-resistant the mother grain mainly to use in being flame-resistant the modified situation,
Foaming mother grain
Foaming mother grain commonly used in PE, PP, EVA and so on.

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