Chemical Pigments The Performance And Characteristics

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Chemical Pigments The Performance And Characteristics

Chemical Pigments A pigment is a substance that can stain an object. Pigments are soluble and insoluble, with inorganic and organic differences. Inorganic pigments are generally mineral substances, humans have long known that the use of inorganic pigments, the use of colored soil and ore, painting and smear on the rock wall. Organic pigments are generally taken from plants and marine animals, such as qian blue, rattan and ancient Rome, extracted from shellfish. Soluble pigments are also called dyes and can be printed and printed directly with solution. Insoluble pigments are to be finely added to the medium, such as oil, water and so on. And then applied to the surface of the object to be stained to form a cover layer. Modern there are many synthetic chemical substances made of pigments, to meet the needs of human beings need to detail the hue when the application, such as painting on the need for many different very different pigments.

Chemical Pigments Fine paint with the basic requirements of the particles the more delicate the better, the more bright the better color, the longer the better does not change the color better (stability is better).

Watercolor paint watercolor paint in addition to white, almost all transparent. So as to meet the needs of water stains dyed.

Chemical Pigments Gouache paint was originally in the watercolor paint to add white powder, so that the color opaque and invented. As the watercolor pigment is transparent, so once the painting is difficult to modify. The gouache pigment can be easily modified due to opacity. Later in the gouache paint and added arabic gum and other raw materials to further improve its performance. Arabic gum allows the gouache to dry the surface after a dry layer of gloss, but in the special occasions (such as painting the picture and animating the color), the glue will form irregular spots on the color surface, or let the color Uneven, so there is a special degumming pigment.

Oil paint is diluted with oil paint.Chinese painting pigments are very rich, there are various types, from the mineral powder to the plant extract to animal extraction, type complex.

Chemical Pigments Theoretically, as long as there are red, yellow and blue three primary colors can be transferred out of all the other colors, but the color purity is always transferred out is not high enough, so the modern art paint manufacturers for a variety of hue and light color, the production of high purity pigments To meet the needs. From the most basic 12 colors to the usual 24 colors or even 48 colors to more than sixty colors. Does not include special metallic colors.

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