Color Molded Parts Spray-free

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Paint can add excellent surface finish to auto parts, but paint will increase cost, time and additional logistics requirements. By use MHK metallic effect masterbatch, product manufacturers can directly produce parts for assembly without secondary processing.


  • Applicable to standard injection molding machines,this can save at least 30% of the cost compared with spraying parts. In addition, compared with spraying, using this scheme can also reduce energy consumption and VOC, this also makes the masterbatch a more environmentally sustainable solution.

  • Using MHK color masterbatch can easily help the car interior transition from spraying to metal effect. Many automobile parts need surface treatment, not only metal and thermoplastic exterior parts, but also thermoplastic parts of vehicle interior.

  • The transition from spraying to manufacturing color molded parts with MHK color masterbatch can help auto manufacturers,household appliances,consumer goods and other industries to manufacture durable parts with high-quality appearance at a lower cost.