Customs code of blow molding machine

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Customs code of blow molding machine

The customs code is often used in the export declaration of the bottle blowing machine. In order to make it easier for everyone to check the customs code of the bottle blowing machine, the editor has compiled the common customs codes of the bottle blowing machine for reference only.

Automatic blow molding machine Customs HS code: 84773000


  •  40103900.00 Bottle blowing machine accessories (conveyor belt) Used for conveying preforms|Strip|Rubber|Unreinforced|4.2*0.3m|Length

  •  73158900.00 Mandrel chain For bottle blowing machine|Steel|Hinged chain|No need to report

  •  82057000.00 Bottle blowing machine accessories (clamps) Used on the bottle blowing machine|Steel|Clamp|Complete set, a set of two|MAG

  •  84133029.00 Bottle blowing machine accessories (pump) Bottle blowing machine accessories|50KW|Unlicensed|No Model

  •  84136029.90 Hydraulic pump The reciprocating movement of the plunger in the cylinder|rotary type|for bottle blowing machine|unlicensed|

  •  39269010.00 Plastic washer For Sidel bottle blowing machine|Plastic|SIEDL|04022027

  •  39269090.90 Plastic Belt Blow Molding Machine|PVC Made|Sidel Brand|0426488240

  •  40169310.00 Bottle blowing machine accessories (seal) Used on the bottle blowing machine|Rubber|MG|29.5*19*3.5

  •  40169310.00 Bottle blowing machine accessories (sealing ring) Used on the bottle blowing machine|Vulcanized rubber|MAG|29.5*19*3.5

  •  73269019.00 Guiding Post Industrial|Iron|Blow Molding Machine Parts|Turning|No further processing

  •  76169910.90 Mould frame Used to protect mould of bottle blowing machine|Aluminum|Mould frame|No other 

  •  76169910.90 Mould shell Industrial use, used for bottle blowing machine protection mould|Aluminum|Mould shell

  •  76169910.90 Aluminum block Industrial use|Aluminum|Blowing machine parts

  •  84123100.90 cylinder (linear type) linear action|used for bottle blowing machine|Sidel brand|000001484

  •  84313900.00 Manipulator Handle Blow Molding Machine|No Brand|No Model

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