Deaeration Masterbatch

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MHK combines high-performance deoxygenation function and high-definition in the same essential PET additive. This unique oxygen barrier system with double-layer functions can eliminate turbidity and discoloration in the container, and will not have side effects on the circulation of PET. Activation occurs only when the container is closed, which can extend the storage life of preforms or containers.You can precisely set the protection level of container items and realize more effective control over the shelf life.

Function details

  • Suitable for bottle-to-bottle recycling

  • Can be used in combination with other additive technologies without compromising product performance

  • Helps to achieve container lightweight

  • No additives on the container wall

  • Accurately control the shelf life

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About MHK​​​​​​​
MHK is a China-based performance masterbatch company that designs and manufactures color masterbatches, additives, and specialty color effects.​​​​​​​
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