Degradable Polymer Plastic

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Degradable polymer palstic have been widely used in various fields. However, the used plastic waste has caused environmental and social hazards. Some developed countries have successively formulated regulations to restrict or prohibit the use of non degradable plastics in some occasions and require the use of degradable plastics. Therefore, governments and the plastic industry all over the world attach great importance to the research and development of degradable plastics while formulating effective measures for the treatment and recycling of waste plastics. With the coordination and support of the governments, degradable plastics have become a research hotspot in the international plastic industry.


  • Substances generated during degradation and remaining after degradation are harmless or have no potential harm to the environmentable for bottle-to-bottle recycling

  • Same or similar application and hygienic performance as similar ordinary plastics

  • After the use, it can degrade rapidly under natural environmental conditions, become fragments or debris easy to be used by the environment, and finally return to nature

  • Very similar price as the ordinary plastics