Flame Retardant ABS 5VA Plastic

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General ABS, is a non flame retardant material. As a material with low price, easy processing and good surface gloss, it has a wide range of applications, including electronics and electricity, home appliance shell, building materials, automobile and so on. Because ordinary ABS is a ternary copolymerized polymer, it organically unifies the various properties of pan, Pb and PS, and has excellent mechanical properties of toughness, hardness and rigid phase equilibrium. 
At present, with the market's attention to flame retardant and fire prevention, the application and demand of flame retardant materials are also increasing year by year. Therefore, flame retardant requirements are put forward for ABS materials.


  • Easy processing, stable product size and good surface gloss

  • The flame retardant grade can reach UL94 V-0 or 5-va standard

  • Good impact resistance,heat resistance,low temperature resistance,chemical resistance and electrical