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Fluorescent Whitening Agent OB-1/KSN/127/OB

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MHK is a professional distributor in supply of fluorescent whitening agent OB-1/KSN/127/OB produced in China

Category and features

  • Fluorescent whitening agent OB-1 KSN 127 OB Category:

    Fluorescent whitening agent, ABS fluorescent whitening agent, PS fluorescent whitening agent, HLPS fluorescent whitening agent,PA fluorescent whitening agent, PC fluorescent whitening agent, PP Fluorescent brightener, EVA fluorescent brightener and hard PVC fluorescent brightener

  • Product features,especially suitable for high melting point plastics such as polyester (PET), has polar fluorescent whitening ability, good stability, and compatibility with many polymers. The main purpose of fluorescent whitening agent is a very effective fluorescent whitening agent for plastics. It is widely used as an effective fluorescent whitening agent for many plastics. It is widely used in ABS, PS, HLPS, PA, PC, PP, EVA, rigid PVC and other plastics. . It is usually also used in polyester corrective filaments.

  • Addition of polypropylene, nylon, nylon and polyester will also significantly improve the whiteness. After adding recycled polyester fiber waste, bottle material and chips, the recycled material will appear whiter, and the color of different recycled materials will become whiter and consistent.