Functional Nano Masterbatch

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This product can improve the acid and alkaline resistance of products, can be used for sneakers and other products, and can enhance weight and touch.It can be used for plastic sound shell. It has incomparable thermal stability and excellent dispersion, and significantly reduces the production cost.


  • The gasket using titanium dioxide and pigment in plastic can reduce the addition of pigment and save about 10% of the cost

  • When applied to PP, the surface of PP can be like ABS withot affecting PP's original characteristics,providing high gloss and high hardness surface

  • It can be applied to drainage pipes, speakers and acoustics to effectively isolate noise and noise.It can be applied to curtains to increase weight.It is used for household appliances

  • The product shell can provide the advantages of high gloss, good hue, scratch resistance, good dimensional stability and so on