Functional masterbatch and preparation method and application thereof

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Functional masterbatch and preparation method and application thereof

The present invention belongs to the technical field of new materials, and specifically relates to a magic color functional masterbatch and its preparation method and application;

The masterbatch of the present invention is prepared by stirring and mixing 10 to 45 parts of PC, 2 to 10 parts of SEBS, 1 to 2 parts of auxiliary agent, 50 to 80 parts of PMMA and the remaining amount of toner, which are calculated by weight ratio; Granules are used in PET bottles, which not only make the PET bottle have its own unique characteristics such as light weight, not easy to break, and low cost, but also make the bottle as a whole have a delicate texture, high-gloss and colorful appearance, and improve the aesthetics of the product. 

It is simple and easy to produce, environmentally friendly, and can replace varnish spraying on the surface. In particular, the PET bottle produced by the present invention will produce a very bright halo under light, and the halo will follow the bottle body Rotate and change to make the PET bottle more bright and dazzling.

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