Graphene Nylon PA Plastic

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Characteristic: ①Anti-ultraviolet ②Anti-static ③Antibacterial (with self-cleaning function) ④Far infrared warmth ⑤Abrasion resistance and other advanced advantages Application: Textile industry: can be used for military combat training clothes, athlete training clothes, survey personnel clothing, high-end car interiors, high-end table cloths, fashion clothing, stockings, high-end hotel bedding Survey electronic appliances: Used for anti-static welding pads, electrical boxes for special industries, and survey equipment boxes


  • Environmental protection, high efficiency, no pollution, these are the worldwide problem

  • MHK graphene nylon technology uses a special graphene dispersion technology to polymerize graphene and nylon PA6/PA66 in a reactor. The new material not only has abrasion resistance, tensile strength, impact resistance, chemical resistance, and low friction The coefficient and self-lubricating properties have been well improved, and they also have antibacterial, dustproof, antistatic and far-infrared thermal insulation properties; and graphene only needs a small amount of addition, and the cost is relatively low, making nylon/graphene composite Materials become consumer goods acceptable to the public.