Halogen Free Flame Retardant V0 PP Plastic

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Halogen free flame retardant V0 PP is a kind of Intumescent Flame Retardant PP which plays a role by phosphorus nitrogen elements. The intumescent flame retardant contains three effective components: acid source, gas source and carbon source, which play a role through condensed phase. The heat-insulating foam layer works together with the oxygen-proof carbon layer to reduce the temperature and oxygen concentration of the surface layer and prevent combustion, so as to play the role of flame retardant.


  • MHK produce halogen-free flame retardant V0 PP engineering plastic after coating treatment with special process has high flow and low density;Good impact toughness, electrical properties and thermal stability; Excellent processability, the flame retardant grade reaches UL94V0, without dripping, precipitation and migration.Continuous production and processing, injection molding, non stick mold

  • Used in electronic appliances, patch panels, auto parts, home appliance parts, lighting lamps, heater shell, home appliance junction box and other electronic appliances and auto parts.