Laser Carving Marking Masterbatch

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MHK laser marking technology allows your production to better control the polymers, increase speed and transparency. This innovative technology can be customized for specific resins and laser types, and can even increase equipment productivity. Say goodbye to inflexible marking systems and solvents- MHK laser marking technology can quickly and clearly mark.

Product features

  • Laser marking has rich functions and can be perfect for your production equipment. Laser marking additives can be combined with a variety of polymers and processes, including injection molding, blow molding and extrusion.We can use our internal marking system to help you verify the color masterbatch during product development. We can also work closely with laser marking equipment manufacturers,ensure that the additives are compatible with the latest equipment. For example, wire and cable manufacturers can take full advantage of the latest high-yield production line, even at 400m/min. Excellent marking effect can also be maintained at the speed of.