Metallic Effect Masterbatch

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Now,consumers are paying more and more attention to the appearance of products in the packaging, auto, home furnishing, electronics and other industries, which has also promoted the determination of many material manufacturers and suppliers to strive to create high-end and colorful product appearances. How to use plastic material to show the high-end metallice effect appearance, masterbatch is a great hero of this.


Function details

  • MHK developed a new metallic effect masterbatch, which can eliminate the bad stripes and surface defects commonly seen on plastic parts. These color masterbatches have special shiny metallic effects, and cost saving and environmental protection. This masterbatch can be used on different carrier, and different brightness effects can be customized.

  • This masterbatch is very suitable for auto and other fields,with high appearance quality and personalized needs. Through its high-quality color depth, outstanding gloss effect and exquisite structure, the products can stand out in appearance. In multiple applications, such masterbatch can replace the coated or electroplated parts, so as to save additional work steps and help protect the environment. In addition, single category parts also have better recyclability.