PPS Brown Plastic

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PPS colors sold: BK black, NC natural color, dark / light coffee, white and light yellow. Appearance: granular. PPS 20% GF glass fiber reinforced, ultra-high toughness, high gloss, high temperature resistance; PPS 30% GF glass fiber reinforced, high temperature resistant, good rigidity, good strength and excellent surface gloss; PPS 40% GF glass fiber reinforced, high rigidity, super heat resistance, high temperature resistance, high fluidity, low exhaust and few burrs; PPS 65% GF CF glass fiber mineral reinforced, high electrical properties, hydrolysis resistance, increased strength and creep resistance


  • Super high temperature resistance, stable size, not easy to deform, excellent electrical performance, chemical corrosion resistance, fire retardant, excellent electrical insulation and arc resistance

  • The long-term temperature resistance RTI of PPS can reach more than 200 ℃ and the thermal deformation temperature is more than 270 ℃

  • Excellent mechanical properties, high rigidity, high creep resistance, good processability, low water absorption, small molding shrinkage, good dimensional stability, radiation resistance and so on